6 Steps To A Healthier, Happier Life! 
This eBook explains how to easily improve your well-being to support you in your Life and Work
In this eBook you'll learn...
  • The fundamental elements of health and happiness, that are critical to good well-being.
  • ​The typical causes of poor health and unhappiness and why so many people struggle with this!
  • The importance of having health and happiness especially when you experience those stressful times that can crop-up in day to day life and work.
  • ​How to evaluate your current health and happiness to help you to understand what good well-being means to you.
  • ​The six steps to boost your health and happiness, that don't cost a lot of money or take a lot of time to do!
  • ​How one of the steps can help you to slow down so that you'll have time to think about life and work clearly!
  • ​How improving your well-being also boosts your business or career.
  • ​How to create health and happiness goals for yourself with an action plan so that you can move forward with confidence and energy!
  • ​How implementing your health and happiness goals can give you 'momentum' which means you'll be able to take further steps to make any changes that you want in your Life, Business or Career. 
If you're reading this, I congratulate you for taking an interest in your health and happiness!

Hi, I'm Kev - I'm and Business and Career Coach. Many years ago, I struggled with my health and happiness. 

Back then I was running an IT business with my business partners and at times I experienced very high levels of stress and was close to 'burn-out'. 

I learnt how mastering personal health and happiness is critical in life and work. I learnt that I am responsible for my own health and happiness. 

So, I researched strategies on how to improve my well-being and I started to use them. Implementing them changed my life!

Today, I help people to make transformational changes for themselves in their Business or Career. 

I created this eBook to support my clients beyond the coaching sessions and I wanted to make this available to you as well.
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